How to make a saddle waterproof ?

When you are a true horse enthusiast, you often have to face the vagaries of time. Whether during cold, dry, thriving and even rainy periods; passion can often motivate us to get on the saddle and perfect ourselves from day to day. But in this kind of situation, how to keep our saddle intact? Or rather, how to make sure that a saddle remains waterproof despite the seasons?

Opt for the right material

We recognize the quality of a saddle when we notice if it is waterproof or not. Riding enthusiasts are often forced to practice even during rainy weather. For this, they need a saddle that will not take the water in the first drops of rain. Also, many users of the field to choose used saddles due to the fact that the latter are able to maintain their intact state despite the seasons, they also avoid the contents of the saddle to catch the water and rot, they always offer the stability, the comfort, the balance and the relaxation that the rider is always looking for and looking for in spite of the seasons. So, if you encounter such problems, do not hesitate to opt for saddles that have already used that will ensure that you meet all your expectations because they were made from the right material.

Trust used saddles

Do you know that french used saddles are the most adequate in terms of impermeability? If you want your saddle to not take the water when it rains, this equipment could be perfect for you. Why ? Because, first of all, used saddle stitching is known to be less thick, which makes it difficult for the water to access directly inside the saddle. In addition, they are made from a very good fabric, so it is not likely to take the water so easily even during a flood. In addition, the material of which these articles are made has been designed to be truly waterproof. The leather, for example, the water passes just above but does not enter the saddle. Otherwise, you may be given various additional accessories to help protect your seat at all times even if you are exercising.

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