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The best use for an antares saddle

The saddle of a horse is the first need on his equipment because without it, we can’t ride at all, and a horse without riding is useless. It’s true that you cannot saddle him every day, but in any case, for the comfort of you and your horse, you have to choose the right saddle. Antares is a leader in this market, talking about Antares saddles!

The drawn Antares

The brand Antares is located in the upscale riding right now. Approaching its 20th anniversary, it passes into the row of the competition and offer riding a new wave of modern accessories riding. Always respecting the horse and rider, stool from these brands are always the best. They are well framed that the back of your horse can support you whatever discipline you intend frame your horse. Surely, you have already had the necessary information for choosing the horse, but also the facilities to adopt. Nevertheless, Antares is there for you to make a bespoke saddle.

Antares showing competitions

A poster of the antares saddles team that is distributed in several regions of France. The echoes of the competitors, that this brand has funded, are featured in magazines. Antares Bordeaux, Nantes, round the Antares is very interesting. Also, in this competitive spirit, Antares so quickly adopted Altair and the saddle has a refined character always with this amazing work. The saddle comes with a nice leather and is super mole that offers comfort. It was also the feeling of many shots on the very smooth leather. Ce like also the mixture of this leather about the seat part and a little alligator on the res. Anyway the flexibility of the belt which offers its ease when we saddle the horse.

Antares working hard on leather, because it is tough and its class, but we will have to maintain it, because we know that leather is a living material.