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What's new for horse riders today ?

Horse riding is a wonderful sport, which appeal an increasing number of fans each year : it is a multipurpose sport, which is a need for the entire muscular system of the human body. It enables you to create a very special relationship with your horse, which is a great companion. That is why many websites dedicated to the world of horse riding are born these last years. But only few of them handle the equestrian actuality, which is yet very wealth. That what we wanted to offer to the riders.


Because the equestrian world is constantly changing, we know that sometimes it may be difficult to follow the actuality and stay up to date about the news. That is why we wanted to create a special section, totally dedicated to the equestrian actuality : everyday you are able to find a detailed newsflash with the latest events and scandals that have shaken the equestrian world. You can also find the latest innovations about horse riding, and we provide you each week some theme articles, talking about saddle fitting or ethological horse riding for example.

Horse rider blog

As horse riding lovers, we wanted to create a blog just like us, which shows our passion : so you will be able to find an online forum, which gathers one of the biggest equestrian communities of the world. You will have the possibility to chat online with thousands of other riders : you will benefit from the experience and the advice of expert horse riders, and you will be allowed to give yours to help the community. We also offer you many good deals to buy your equipment at best price, thanks to our partnerships with a lot of equestrian equipment websites. Moreover, you will find many video tutorials, talking about many different themes : ethological exercises to practise with your horse, equine massage technics... Whether you are an expert horse rider or whether you are a beginner, our blog is intented for every horse riding and horses lover.